100 out of 100 google speed test with Gatsby

My first Gatsby JS site got 100 out of 100 on google speed test

After thinking about starting freelancing I tried to search for solutions to many problems that were in my mind...

When considering working with clients you should consider many issues at least in my opinion. It is not enough to know backend and frontend frameworks which in my case were Nodejs and React.

You have to think how you can create websites with your knowledge as fast as possible, as effortlessly as possible, customer and user friendly, SEO friendly, and of course high performance and high quality.

This is how I found Gatsby. I am still very new with this technology just a few days of working with it, so I still didn't discover all the benefits and features of this framework but I already enjoyed some of the solutions I had.

  • The thing that got me interested the most was it's CMS options: Contact management system can speed your development and be very customer friendly. Personally the first CMS I tried was Contentful so I still can't compare it with anything else

  • Second, I was amazed how fast the Gatsby site is. Getting 100 score on google speed test is pretty cool considering my previews React Nodes site got around 52 score.

  • I feel that my development process was easier with much less code compared to a regular full stack site, again thanks to the CMS I used.

My learning curve with the technology

My first action was to watch some kind of Gatsby crash course tutorial on Youtube. I had some Graphql experience in the past but still it looked pretty weird at the beginning and It took me few days to figure out this tech.

The cons in my opinion

As I said before I am still very new to this so I can't judge it 100 percent, but so far the issues that bothered me is that I don't have as much freedom as I used to have when created my own backend, I feel that I am dependent on the Gatsby plugins to do the work for me.

What next and what can I do with my new skills

I think Gatsby is best for static and small websites that don't change much,

for example if I will have customers that want a landing page or a portfolio website or a blog. My next goal is to continue exploring more of Gatsby and create more projects with it. At the moment I have a customer that I will create a landing page for her shop with Gatsby and I will see how it goes.

My speed test

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