About me

Welcome to my web development blog!

I created this blog site as part of my Gatsby studying.

Here I am going to post blogs about web development and personal experiences along my web to become a self taught web developer.

My background story

I am very proud to say that I am among the very few people that became full stack web developers all by themselves.

It all began around 2019 when I still worked as a personal trainer at a gym in Tel-Aviv.

I decided to switch my career and went to study cyber security (like my friends),

very quickly I realized that it wasn't for me and that I needed to do something different, this is how I discovered programming.

From the moment I decided to be a programmer I knew that this is my true destiny and from there I did everything I could to be the best I can, just like everything I do in my life (and still improving by each day).

Little bit about my learning journey...

My first course I took was a full stack MERN course from Angela on Udemy.

At this point I was so noob that I literally wanted to die after each section.

It was so overwhelming at the beginning... I thought many times that maybe I am to stupid to be a programmer, but I never gave up.

After 'completing' the course I started looking more on Youtube for specific things I did not understand and took many many more courses on Udemy most for MERN stack and slowly I started to understand the big picture.

Today after so many courses and project I expanded my knowledge a lot my React and Nodejs levels are very nice and I have touched many interesting subjects like SQL, authentication, cookies, PayPal, pagination, firebase, filtering, Linux servers and deployment and much more I can't even remember right now.

The reason behind this blog

First of all as I said it's part of me studying Gatsby, why Gatsby you ask?

After trying a little bit to get a full time job I have seen that nobody wants me with my current experience and decided to study Gatsby and Nextjs for freelancing and gaining more experience.

Second reason is that I wanted to have a blog, now with Gatsby I can create blazing fast static websites, so this is the perfect time to create my blog and learn new technology at the same time.

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